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Management Profiles

Sunil Jagani

President and Chief Technology Officer, AllianceTek

Sunil Jagani believes in the power of processes and systems to grease the engine that creates business prosperity. He founded AllianceTek in 2004, motivated by his passion to help businesses grow and advance along with new and exciting technologies.

The inspiration for AllianceTek came as he ascended from technician to Senior Technical Lead in companies from Bisys to Advanta. Through his experience, he discovered that gaps in development teams’ skill sets often prevent companies from reaping the full benefits of information technology. AllianceTek is now that ideal team.

With a Master’s in Software Engineering from Penn State University, as well as a business degree, Sunil has the unique ability to find the proper technology solutions for business needs and translate technical jargon into everyday English.

Sunil and his team are adept at identifying optimal combinations of leading-edge technology platforms to reduce waste and enhance profitability. AllianceTek’s growth into an international organization with more than 100 employees in PA, NY, CA and India, is a testament to Sunil and his team’s ability.

After our organization bought Salesforce, we had no idea how to customize it to fit our needs. We looked for a developer, and found AllianceTek. And boy, we’re glad we did! The team at AllianceTek listened to what we wanted and helped us understand what Salesforce could do for us. In a professional, timely manner, they customized it to our specifications. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.

Shawn Lazar
- Shawn Lazar (Director of Publications)
Grace Evangelical Society

Darren Love

VP, New Business Development at AllianceTek

Darren Love joined AllianceTek as a kindred spirit to Sunil’s vision that there is a better way – a better way to deliver projects where you can enjoy the experience, while achieving superior results.

Anyone who has been around IT for any length of time will probably smile at the audacity of such a claim, but deep down there is the desire that such a bold statement could actually be true. Two decades of experience has led Darren to share in that desire and seek the seemingly impossible.

Darren has worked the full gamut of IT positions, from Support and Development to Business, Process, and Project Management. He’s been an IT Consultant for many companies, from the very small to the very large and has seen the good, the bad, and the very ugly. He has earned the right to emphatically state, “Good is so much better,” which inspires his passion to aim higher and capture the elusive “great.”

At AllianceTek, Darren has found the foundation that delivers the vision of a better way and a better company. It been a long time since The Institute for Computer Studies and the BC Institute of Technology launched Darren on his quest. Ask him how he feels about being a part of the AllianceTek team and he’ll say, “It’s about time.”

Michael Drust

Director, New Business Development

With more than 35 years of experience at engineering, financial, defense, and IT corporations, Michael has worked in all area of marketing and publications, including content/creative development, technical writing, and sales support.

Prior to joining AllianceTek, Michael served as a Publications Manager at Lockheed Martin, and a Marketing Manager at Unisys Corporation. He began his career editing licensing and startup procedures for nuclear power plants, and has also worked at The Vanguard Group and First USA. His skills include project management, publications support services, personnel supervision, and brainstorming – from developing new ideas to fine-tuning minute details.

Michael is thrilled to be part of the AllianceTek team, and believes AllianceTek’s customer approach is unique and refreshing. “It’s so easy for a company to forget they’re really in the people business,” he said. “Our customer focus is constant, part of everything we do – from cradle to grave.” Michael enjoys this personal touch, and working with such a dynamic and proactive team.

Christopher Dabhi

Project Manager

Christopher began his career in Information Technology as a customer care executive.

Since then, Christopher has worked on various software and web solutions for his clients. He has succeeded in providing comprehensive business solutions to a host of clients to help them scale their business. Christopher has gained a wide range of experience through working in a variety of diverse roles. Beginning as a customer care executive, he soon found himself in the position of quality manager, then team leader to project coordinator. Now, as a project manager, Christopher focuses on aligning people, processes and systems by employing advanced business solutions. Together with his team, he makes sure to exceed client expectations with timely deliverables and quality work at right the cost.

Christopher holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from St. Xaviers College, Ahmedabad.

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