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Quality Assurance

At AllianceTek, we employ a multi-dimensional and micro-level quality assurance approach.

For each application or software that we design we create a quality assurance plan with carefully designed test cases.

Micro level Quality Assurance

Within our micro-level testing, each and every part of the requirement is divided into separate parts. Each component is then analyzed, designed, architected, developed, validated, and tested.

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Multi-Dimensional Quality Assurance

Our multi-dimensional testing ensures quality assurance from each and every dimension of the application/software.

Design & Conceptual Testing

Before proceeding into the next stage, our business analysts and designers test the design for browser compatibility, web standard observance, accessibility, and device compatibility.

Functional Testing

At the development level, our developers ensure that the solution works according to the client’s requirements and that bugs are fixed at an early stage.

Regression Testing

While introducing newer features into the system our team performs a regression test to check whether the code is running as anticipated. This avoids any such case that leads to friction between the new and old feature.

Integration Testing

At times, the new system might collapse while integrating with yours and other systems to pull up the real-time data. At AllianceTek, we know the questions to ask, and how to answer them, to make sure that the system works perfectly while integrating with the other systems:

  • Does the system have any internal conflicts?
  • Is the system working as desired?
  • Will the coding components last together?

We use established benchmark testing methodologies like Sandwich Testing and Big Bang Testing while doing the integration checking.

User Acceptance Testing

Our main objective is to produce a user-friendly system with intuitive features and navigation. In the development cycle, system architects and business analysts will ensure that the system clears the User Acceptance Test. Then our QA team will do the system testing to see if the user is able to use the system without difficulty.

Scalability & Performance Testing

The landscape of technology is changing every day, so you need to adapt your system accordingly. At AllianceTek, we create scalable systems to allow for future enhancement possibilities. We also make sure that any performance issues that might arise don’t. For example, while providing Mobile Solutions, we do special testing to prevent against memory leakages.

Security Testing

Security has always been the utmost priority for us, and we make sure that there are no hacking possibilities or security glitches. We protect the system from malevolent attacks with the implementation of security measures including SQL Injection Testing, Penetration Testing, Risk Assessment, and more.

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